Fotomessen 2012 ( 5D mark III )

Fotomessen 2012 #01

The yearly photo exhibition, Fotomessen @ Lillestrøm, deserved a visit this year, mostly because of the tremendous amount of professional camera equipment that has been announced lately. As a Canon user, the release of the 5d mark III, was the biggest surprise, and BOY was I eager to try it out!

Fotomessen 2012 #05

Since I live in Norway, there weren’t a whole lot of people. YEY, no waiting in line! Btw, one of the canon guys guarding the two 5d’s was major douchebag.

Fotomessen 2012 #04

The new autofocus system is maybe THE reason to upgrade from mkII. The body is designed alot like the 60D with rounded corners and the lock on the program/mode wheel. The menu system has been redone, though a lot of functions wasn’t available as this cleraly isn’t the final model.

Among other exciting news where the 1Dx. Paired with a 400mm f/2.8L mk II was simply insane.

Fotomessen 2012 #02

Also, here is a picture of the new 24-70mm, (with G1x in the background) which has design similarities of the EF-s 18-135mm… Well, looking way better in red of course :p

Fotomessen 2012 #03

And the new speedlite 600EX-RT:

Fotomessen 2012 #05

Lastly, a pic I took on the way home of my girlfriend:

Tunnel. Lillestrøm.

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Enthusiastic photographer with a Master's degree in Computational Physics currently employed by Cognite as a Data Scientist (

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