Autumn weekend in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 2016 #0003

As of writing this, I have honestly lost count of what day-of-week it is, what planet I’m on, and if it’s the Third or Fourth Age here on Middle Earth. It might be the Age of Corona, actually.

Amsterdam, 2016 #0002

I’ve been to Amsterdam twice, but not at the time of shooting. Having the first time visit in late October panned out perfectly; especially photography-wise.

Amsterdam, 2016 #0001

Amsterdam, 2016 #0004

I contemplated to give this blog post the title “Canals, butterflies and small, weird cars: A sightseer’s guide to Amsterdam”. Naaah. Just keep in mind; it will mostly be canals, butterflies and small weird cars. Seriously.

Amsterdam, 2016 #0005

Something (i.e. the Paris wheel) about this gives me the “Pripyat feeling”.

Aight. Ducks. All the ducks. Was not disappointed:

Amsterdam, 2016 #0006

Amsterdam, 2016 #0007

The color scales are… off the scales ( 🤦‍♂️ ):

Amsterdam, 2016 #0008

Amsterdam, 2016 #0009

Amsterdam, 2016 #0010

…and bicycles. Endless rows of bicycles.

Amsterdam, 2016 #0011

First car of the blog post: this one, freaking awesome!

Amsterdam, 2016 #0012

Amsterdam, 2016 #0013

The perfect symmetry!

Amsterdam, 2016 #0014

Amsterdam, 2016 #0015

Amsterdam, 2016 #0016

Second car of this blog post: shockingly hideous! If not for the ananas* this should have been banished and burnt years ago.
*…just stop it with the nonsensical “pineapple” already, we’ve had enough…and don’t get me started on “ghoti”…

Amsterdam, 2016 #0017

…now to something not shockingly hideous; butterflies!

Amsterdam, 2016 #0018

Amsterdam, 2016 #0019

Amsterdam, 2016 #0020

Amsterdam, 2016 #0021

Amsterdam, 2016 #0022

Amsterdam, 2016 #0023

Ahhh…. A trip to Hortus Botanicus can really be recommended! Just be aware that your camera will fog up 150 % for the first 10-15 minutes…

Amsterdam, 2016 #0024

I name thee “Autumn Gradient”, yey!

Amsterdam, 2016 #0025

Amsterdam, 2016 #0026

Who in the right minds would not love to live here?

Amsterdam, 2016 #0028

Third, and last car of this blog post: ugly as fuck, but not shockingly hideous. Also, red is kinda nice.

Amsterdam, 2016 #0029

Now… bring me out of quarantine and back here. NAOW!


Backpacking through Myanmar [part 1 of 3]

Myanmar #022

I’ll give you 5 seconds to answer: What is the very first thing that comes to mind when you think about Myanmar? Let me guess – Aung San Suu Kyi, right? At least for me it was. When I got around to think about what I actually knew about this nation before travelling there, “not much” sums it up, I’m afraid..

Now, let’s take this from the beginning. My two childhood friends, Jørgen & Martin has got two parents (as one commonly does) with a slight taste (read: huge appetite) for the Pacific Ocean and all of its remote, tropical islands. So, last winter they left Oslo to spend a couple of months in paradise (look up Rarotonga – no, not on a physical map, …yes, use Google image search, … and yes, that is actually the place, …no, that is not photoshopped (you get the point now, I figure)). Accompanied in part by their children; these two young boys wanted to do a sweep across Asia, before returning home. A part of that exciting quest was exploration of Myanmar. I was invited along – and gladly accepted!

Myanmar #003

Flight DY7205 from Oslo through Stockholm to Bangkok. Appropriately named “BANG-kok!”, a complete opposite to “The sound of Silence”. However, it felt strangely familiar, having been to some of the great, busy cities of India. A picture of traffic in two-three elevated “channels” feels appropriate:

Myanmar #002

Myanmar #004

Flying to and from Myanmar is restricted to some chosen destinations, and for that reason, we used Thailand as a springboard to its neighbour in the west.

Here’s a portrait of Martin before we move on!

Myanmar #005

We spent two days exploring, and amongst other things, joined in on a trip into the backwaters of the city; a web of interconnected canals – with “swarming” wildlife… at least a couple of laid-back lizards or two… (pictures to come!).

Myanmar #006

I’d like to call the next picture “The river captain, and his wife”. Strangely, he is not the one doing the dishes at this one instance in time.
Myanmar #007

There are no longer predators around that hunt the water monitors. Thus, with a steady supply of food available around-the-clock, they have become lazy and “fearless” of humans, and human activities. We could almost touch it, – that’s how close we could come.

Myanmar #008

Myanmar #009

According to our guide, a lot of the traditional way of “slow(-er)” living is vanishing at an accelerating rate. This can perhaps be seen by the brand new buildings that are mixed in with the old canal-side houses.

Myanmar #009

One thing you don’t escape (in Asia in general), are temples. Literally everywhere, and with an astonishing amount of gold and glitter. However, the golden tan doesn’t come naturally, someone has to paint them shiny…

Myanmar #010

Back to the backwaters again!

Myanmar #014

Myanmar #011

Myanmar #015

Myanmar #012

…where we found an orchid farm:

Myanmar #013

…and an insane amount of fish (carp, I think), that was used to being fed white bread lol. When we started to feed them, the water literally turned into fish. H-Fish-O2. The battle was ON!

Myanmar #016

Back in the city, this stray dog caught my attention between two parked, colourful buses.

Myanmar #017

The air quality is plain awful, no surprise here. The drivers try to be cautious, and most use a facial mask.

Myanmar #018

The next day, we swapped out Bangkok with Mandalay. It’s situated on the banks of Irrawaddy, in the heart of Myanmar. (This is a good time to hit play on Hans Zimmer’s masterpiece “Waters of Irrawaddy”, to really set the mood!). We got a small bungalow all to ourselves, – left our belongings there, and went outside. Our first impression of the people of Myanmar was that they were very friendly, polite – and by no means accustomed to tourists. This is of course a big plus, as it means not getting ripped off in taxis, restaurants and most stores.

Myanmar #001

Jørgen and Martin posing in front of our accommodation. Award for being the easiest to recognise person, goes to Jørgen, for his exemplary orange shirt.

Myanmar #020

Myanmar #019

The first image of this blogpost, was taken just outside our hotel at night time. Same night, some sort of festival were held in the streets, with loads of exotic food and fun activities, mostly for children.

Myanmar #021

We got in touch with some locals – or more correctly, Jørgen spotted a guitar. They were nice, and we sang along. No english though. But guitar. Fun!


We rented bikes the following morning, and went out at the crack of dawn. First stop was the local marked, were we got to try out a few tasty sweets and meet some of the people that worked there; which to our surprise was (almost) women only! Here are some of them:

Myanmar #024

Myanmar #025

Myanmar #023

Myanmar #026

Myanmar #027

I leave you with the following image from the marked entrance, which I really like – may even go as far and say that I think it’s the best picture of this blogpost! Until next time (part 2), cheerio!

Myanmar #028

The Windy City – Chicago!

Alexander, Sverre, Gergo, Hannah and I decided to pay Chicago a visit some weeks ago. We borrowed a car and bought doughnuts & coffee for the road trip! The drive was 3-4 hours and certainly different from what I’m used to in boring AF Scandinavia. Large billboards literally follow you the entire way; half of them tell you to put your faith in God and the rest appeals to the hungry traveller. Somehow the best steak in the state is always located at the next food exit. Yes, food exit, that is what (some of) the highway exits are called.. lulz.. The typical food exit consists of a cluster of different fast-food chains and the like. A spot on the map of extreme caloric density with an event horizon i.e. the point of no return, where/when you spot that juicy, delicious burger on a billboard.. lolol, here’s a picture of us (three backseat physicists):


The designated driver for the occasion was Alex, given that flat terrain is one of his Danish specialities lololol. Sverre and his phone can be seen also to the right, making sure we are on the right track. #NeverTrustAWindowsPhoneEverAgainLOL


For those of you wondering how far – or perhaps, where the third most populous city in U.S. is situated, here, have a look at the map:

Chicago, Illinois #02

Chicago, Illinois #01

HVT_5521The nickname “The Windy City” is certainly a good fit, for a lot of reasons, mainly – its so damned windy. Luckily for us, the temperature was also freezing! The place we stayed at was somewhat cheap, but more importantly, right in the hearth of Gotham, I mean the metropolis.

After arriving quite late, we decided to grab a beer – and if it hadn’t been for mr. Treider here, almost ruining it by “oh man we gotta go check this out” and “must.. photograph… over… there..” we would have had more than 14 seconds to pick a “flavour”. It turned out the store was “right around the corner” all along. However, neither me nor Alex will acknowledge that someone went around the entire block. Because, that would be… absurd.

Due to the coffee (singular), I couldn’t sleep all night. So, next morning I decided to step up my game, and get that caffeine tolerance up up UP. This has proven more difficult than imagined.

After breakfast, we went out to find Cloud Gate, i.e. The Bean the perhaps most well known tourist attraction in the city(?) – at least the most photographed one. It is best described as a mirror, bent in three dimensions to look like a bean, hence the nickname. We first had to walk there – and here are some shots taken on the way:

Chicago, Illinois #03

Chicago, Illinois #04

(Sorry, no points for recognizing Lincoln).

Finally, zeh Bean: (click here for a version in color)

Chicago, Illinois #06

Chicago, Illinois #05

Chicago, Illinois #07

Chicago, Illinois #08

Chicago, Illinois #09

As you probably noticed earlier; Chicago is located by Lake Michigan, down south. The fresh water has a special green/turquoise tint to it.

Chicago, Illinois #10

The city is also known for the excellent Field Museum, the home of SUE; the largest, best-preserved, and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex ever found.  That’s “her” below:

Chicago, Illinois #11


I also found these absolutely hysterical statuettes, which I decided to caption appropriately (you must know your internetz):

Chicago, Illinois #12

We continued our expedition towards the planetarium. (Don’t mind the pointing, it’s the complete opposite direction)

Chicago, Illinois #13

We found it (and decided to come back later) along with a gorgeous view of the city skyline and the lake. We also found our dark caped guardian – not the hero we deserve, but the hero we need. *Sigh*, I need to stop with these quotes.

Chicago, Illinois #14

Chicago, Illinois #15

Chicago, Illinois #16

Chicago, Illinois #17

Chicago, Illinois #18

Me, appreciating a little sun for a change:

Chicago, Illinois #19

Chicago, Illinois #20

Chicago, Illinois #21

Chicago, Illinois #22

Chicago, Illinois #23

After having some food, we joined Alex in his quest of finding Saint Mary of the Angels. If you got he reference of him holding a doughnut and a cup of coffee in front of SUE, you probably get this one too (I most certainly don’t lol). Since we live in 2016, finding the church took about 1.5 seconds + whatever time it took to google it. We grabbed an über and arrived shortly after.

Chicago, Illinois #24

Chicago, Illinois #25

Signs. Weird ones. Blue ones. Chicago hosts a diverse collection… Remember to keep a ruler in your car so that you can check if parking is legal or not during winter times. Will there be more snow? Will the magical 2 inches be reached? Playing with fire, are we? Or how about a 500 dollar fine for feeding the pigeons?


Pizza, delicious and fat. One metric tonne of cheese. Very yummy, much taste, such wow. Sverre looks ecstatic at the sheer sight of food after a long day (as we all were, of course).


I wanted to go back to the pier for a long exposure shot of the city in the dark, over the water. Somehow I managed to convince the others to accompany me! Safe to say, we were not alone out there. There were a certain very recognizable smell in the air.

Chicago, Illinois #26

Chicago, Illinois #27

This blog post would be incomplete without a photo of the famous Chicago “L” (short for elevated) that transports people into, around and out of the city.

HVT_5970 copy

Chicago, Illinois #28

…and here is a cute little turtle from Shedd Aquarium:

Chicago, Illinois #29


To this day, I don’t know why it says “A BEST”. GAWD, IT MAKES NO SENSE. Anyway, this is the entrance of the Art Institute of Chicago. A place definitely worth a visit.


This exhibition appealed to me of course! /physicslessonstart/ What we’ve got here is the classic potato battery, taken to the extreme. After some googling, I found out that you can get a little over 1 V per potato. A rough estimate of 500 potatoes gives us something like 500 V to play around with. Wait. Am I sure that they are all connected in series? Nope. Could you do anything fun with it? Not really, the current is probably too low bad. Is it still awesome? YES! /physicslessonend/


Also, we got this intensely interesting triple-square thingy going on. If that doesn’t get your hearth pumping, I don’t know what will.

Chicago, Illinois #30

The last great adventure was climbing up the 92-or-so floors of the John Hancock Center. There we got to try out Tilt, which is best described with some photos. This evening was the night of the Super Bowl, so we had the entire floor to ourselves; 360 degree of pure panoramic view. What followed was quite a spectacular sunset, I must say.

Chicago, Illinois #31

Chicago, Illinois #32

Chicago, Illinois #33

Chicago, Illinois #34

Chicago, Illinois #35

Here is a timelapse from my phone of the sunset. Due to “bad” auto-exposure there is some flickering… Anyways.

Then, after some food from a great kind-of-market-place-but-not-really, we found the car and started driving home. Since Chicago/Illinois is an hour behind Michigan, we got back a little later than anticipated. But, who cares? Awesome trip!

Chicago, Illinois #36

Chicago, Illinois #37

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten! [Arkivbilder, del 2 av 3]

Da var del 2 klar, – og den er en noe mer fargerik fortsettelse av del 1.

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #13

I løpet av året i Lofoten, var et av høydepunktene turen til Nyksund. Der videreutviklet vi blant annet teknikken “sette-fyr-på-stålull-og-snurre-rundt”. Av en eller annen grunn, hadde jeg ikke redigert alle disse bildene før nå – og forresten, fler enn meg som ser et ansikt i steinen til høyre?

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #14

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #15

Det skulle vise seg at flere år måtte gå, før de gamle teknikker ble tatt opp igjen og denne gang perfeksjonert: <<Ring of Fire>>. Men, tilbake til Nyksund! .. og det med et sitat fra en av fotolærerne på skolen: “Aldri la linjer gå gjennom hodet på folk”. Ser ut til at jeg glemte det rådet.

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #16

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #17

Så skal vi hoppe litt i tid, til den store havørn-utflukten vi hadde i slutten av oktober 2010 – milde himmel, er det gått 5 år?! Det skulle nemlig vise seg at jeg har oversett en god del bilder fra denne turen, da antageligvis alle ørnene som sprutet omkring, stjal oppmerksomheten min.. håhå, ganske fornøyd med dette her:

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #18

I det båten vår kjørte forbi staken, endret perspektivet seg gradvis, så jeg har flere bilder herfra:

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #19

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #20

Kystlandskap med fiskebåt går også an:

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #21

SURPRISE, klart det skulle med en ørn til! (Kan røpe at det er maaaange i vente i del 3…)

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #22

SURPRISE 2, klart det skulle være med litt nordlys!

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #23

De neste 6-7 bildene er ikke helt sammenhengende i tid/sted/rom, men de får da lov til å være med her allikevel! Noen gir iallfall meg #LofotFølelsen

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #24

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #25

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #26

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #27

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #28

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #29

Tilbakeblikk, Lofoten #30

Takk og på gjensyn!

Fjoråret oppsummert med 5 bilder

Det er ingen hemmelighet at denne bloggen har hatt bedre tider hva gjelder hurtige oppdateringer. Her kommer et lite plaster på såret i form av 5 bilder – utvalgte – fra året som nå (forlengst) er over… I tillegg har jeg spyttet inn ett arkivbilde fra Lofoten!

Stjernehimmel over hytta

Bildet er tatt på hytta til kamerat Anders som ligger i nærheten av Risør. Neste bilde ut er tatt på Lambertseter, i “skogen” som ligger ned mot hovedveien, etter første skikkelige snøfall i vinter.


På vei hjem fra Geilo og en meget awesome hyttetur, fant jeg denne godbiten av en tåkekladd.


En tur til Bergen har jeg også hatt – i regi av et bryllup – de bildene kommer forhåpentligvis hit en gang før dette millenniet er over – og på vei dit kom jeg og Marit over denne fine fjorden.


Vann er fint – også når det fosser. Her, Tvindefossen utenfor Voss:


Til slutt, som lovet, et arkivbilde fra Lofoten – en ørn!!!!

The Eagle Show

Tur til Roma, andre del

I Vatikanet, der del én sluttet, gjennoptar vi Roma-tråden. Sagaen fortsetter. I farger. Iallfall de fleste bildene.

Romatur #026

Her har vi utsikt fra toppen av Peterskirken. Både den ene og den andre veien.

Romatur #027

Romatur #025

Kirken er overdådig utsmykket, spesielt innvendig. Ingen tegn å spore etter nøysomhet her nei. Håhå. Nåløye til himmelen ser ut til å ha fetet seg opp litt siden Jesu tid. Håhå. Slik ser for eksempel taket ut:

Romatur #028

Romatur #029

Tilbake igjen på utsiden sto vi, med lange varme bukser (synlige knær var nemlig ulovlig). Står du midt på Petersplassen kan du ikke se at det er tre(?) ringer med søyler, da de er plassert radielt rett bak hverandre. Ser du derimot fra et hvilket som helst annet sted, ser det omtrent slikt ut:

Romatur #030

Jeg har fremdeles ikke gått lei vidvinkelen min (som er brukt i 4 av 6 bilder så langt..) og knaller på med iallfall ett til.

Romatur #031

Det blir fort lunsjtid etter den evidelige trappetraskingen på vei opp (og ned!) til/(fra) toppen av kirken. Vi kastet terning (du vet en sånn en med to sider, der det står pizza og pasta) og det ble pasta til lunsj. Fornøyde vandret vi videre i retning Piazza Navona.

Romatur #032

Romatur #033

Dit kom vi aldri! vi fant tilslutt veien til Borghese-parken.

Romatur #034


Romatur #035

Der støtte vi på denne litt overraskende karen:

Romatur #036

…og denne overraskende bjørnen som ikke var helt klar/konsekvent når det gjaldt røykebestemmelsene:

Romatur #037

…og når vi først er inne på temaet røyk:

Romatur #038

Vel hjemme på hotellet og rett før køyetid, fant jeg det fram en ukjent “kreativ” side av meg selv:

Romatur #039

Morgenen etter skulle vi møte Meyer og Fredrik som også tilfeldigvis befant seg i Roma samtidig som oss. Etter en litt treg start på dagen, med en del vanskeligheter for å komme oss framover i denne byen (fotgjengeroverganger = parkeringsplass), fant vi tilslutt fram til Forum Romanum & Colosseum, der vi skulle møtes.

Romatur #040

Romatur #041

Romatur #044

Romatur #045

Hva gjelder Colosseum, den ubestridt mest kjente severdigheten i byen (for ikke å si landet), så synes jeg den gjør seg godt på bilder – fra utsiden vel og merke. Hadde ikke like mye hell fra innsiden.

Romatur #046

Romatur #047

Romatur #048

Ingen skikkelig bloggpost uten minst én måke:

Romatur #042

Romatur #043

Romatur #050

Romatur #051

Og som alltid her på bloggen, bilde ut av flyvinduet på vei hjem!

Romatur #052

Tur til Roma, første del

Under planleggning av årets ferietur, en langdryg prosess, kom vi fram til at Roma hørtes spennende ut – og med et par temmelig gode priser på flybilletter slo vi til! I tråd med et visst (veldig) oppbrukt ordtak, valgte vi å bo på et hotell som lå i et boligstrøk for romere. Det hadde nok vært smartere å finne noe litt mer sentrumsnært, men vi fikk iallfall god trim.

Romatur #007

Bildet over er tatt fra “toppen” av Spansketrappen, et område med svært mange rosegivere. Rosegivere? Yes sir, de gir tilsynelatende ut roser gratis, men så går det en liten stund før de kommer tilbake for penger – og da i et helt annet humør. Vi hadde lest om teknikken på forhånd og takket høflig nei (igjen og igjen og igjen … og igjen) , men ble allikevel overrasket over stå-på-viljen til enkelte som rett og slett la rosen oppå oss (spesielt Marit), samt antallet som prøvde å livnære seg på dette. Tilbake til hotellet vårt. Rommet vårt så slik ut:

Romatur #001

Da vi kom nedover lå store regntunge skyer over Roma. Muligheten for regnvær hadde ikke slått meg, men det hadde Marit tenkt på, som hadde med paraply. Om Roma er like vakker som Paris i regnvær vet jeg ikke, men farger og lukter kommer fram på en helt annen måte, hvis du skjønner hva jeg mener…!

Romatur #002

Vi tok buss inn til det jeg må kalle begivenhetenes sentrum i Roma, Piazza Venezia. Dette er en stor plass som leder deg til attraksjoner i alle retninger. Her ligger også Altare della Patria, Fedrelandsalteret som ble reist til ære for Viktor Emanuel II. Mektig skue!

Romatur #003

Brostein i gatene som muligens senatorer og keisere har vandret på? Eller kanskje nylagt – uansett et fint motiv i regn.

Romatur #004

“Senatet og det romerske folket”. Obligatorisk bilde fra Roma.

Romatur #005

Her fra Piazza Navona:

Romatur #006

…og tilbake til Spansketrapp-utsikt:

Romatur #008

Romatur #009

For å knytte bildene her litt sammen: Øverestående bilde kan sees i nedre høyre hjørne på bildet under. I det andre nedre hjørnet kan Peterskirken sees. Bildet ble litt vel dramatisk, men det må til.

Romatur #010

Ikke alt trenger å være stort, for å være et interessant motiv i Roma. Eldre damer med to altfor små hunder for eksempel:

Romatur #011

Her titter vi (opp) i retning mot Villa Borghese, et stort og fint parkområde. Likte komposisjonen her:

Romatur #012 når alt kommer til alt, så er det ingenting som slår Pantheon. Episk bygg, spesielt sett innenfra. Med god vidvinkel får du med nesten hele kuppelen:

Romatur #013

Står du i inngangspartiet (og sperrer for folk som går inn og ut) får du en litt annen vinkel (måtte rett og slett ha med begge bildene hehe):

Romatur #014

Gjennom Roma renner elven Tiber. Her er noen bilder fra en av mange ganger vi måtte krysse dette vesenet.

Romatur #015

Romatur #016

Romatur #017

På kvelden dro vi til Trastevere, et distrikt fullt av restauranter. Spiste selvsagt pizza, meget fornøyd med det.

Neste dag sto Vatikanet for tur. Vi tok tog til stasjonen Roma S. Pietro og gikk resten av veien. På forhånd hadde vi kjøpt billetter til museet og slapp unna noen timer i kø! (Kan kjøpes her forøvrig. Nettsiden ser ut til å ha blitt laget på Jesu tid..)

Det var overraskende mye å se på museet og spesielt noen korridorer som “The Gallery of Maps” var smekkfulle av overdådig kunstverk. fra vegger til tak. Eksempler følger:

Romatur #020

Romatur #021

Peterskirken var selvsagt synlig fra museet:

Romatur #018

…hva med en ny frisyre?

Romatur #019

De tre siste bildene for denne gang stammer fra utgangspartiet i museet. Her er det en stilig spiraltrapp som slynger seg nedover. Designet av Giuseppe Momo i 1932. Flink fyr. Trappen ligner litt på DNA faktisk, ved at det er en såkalt dobbel heliks, som igjen betyr at du kan gå opp eller ned trappen uten å møte på de som går andre vei. Så vet du det.

Romatur #022

Romatur #023

..og mitt favorittbilde for denne gang:

Romatur #024

Oppdatering: Del 2 fra Roma kan sees/leses her.