Revisiting Paris – or how I almost wore out my hiking boots over the course of a weekend

Joking aside, when your 50/50 French/Norwegian cousin invites you along to the city of cities, you should be prepared (mentally and physically ofc) to see and experience as much as humanly possible, within the given time frame. Oh yeah! 😀

We, the marathon team, can be seen below, eager to begin!

We arrived late at night (from the airport) in the apartment belonging to Johanna’s family, situated right in the middle of ‘everything’! What a luxury! Here is a photo of the backyard:


Early next morning, (or, pretty late if you were to ask the other two, lol), we went out and got ourselves some fresh croissants (and my favourite, pain au chocolat) from a local bakery. Note: Breakfasts doesn’t get any better than this. Really.

Warning #1: Quite a lot of architectural photos were taken on this trip, and consequently, the subset of images shown here, maintains that same proportionality. Sorry?


Warning #2: A new reader of this blog – if such a person exists – might think that we quite recently visited Paris. No, – no no no. This was 2 years ago, which, by the standards of this blog, is quite recent. What I am trying to say is: the level of detail describing the whereabouts of this trip, encompassed in the bank of memories called “my brain” has shrunk somewhat. Fear not, any memory of activities related to “food” and/or “eating” are still vividly alive.

Another thing I distinctly recall is a visit to the Jewish Quarter (Rue des Rosiers, as can be seen on the street sign below). Johanna, our lovely, local tour guide and travel companion, gave us an excellent tour of the area; the narrow streets, the small shops and best of all, the bottom left corner of the collage below:






Later that day, or maybe it was the next day. Who knows, maybe this happened previous to the visit to the Jewish Quarter, the point is, I can’t remember lol…

…anyways, we had a nice break from sightseeing on foot by jumping onboard one of the “tourist ferries” going up and down the River Seine (never underestimate the joy of stretching your legs!). From there this view presented itself:


We got to know the Paris Opera (fr: OpĂ©ra de Paris), at least from the outside – absolutely beautiful of courrrrse. (Yeah, btw, that’s right – the one below spelling “Academie Nationale de Musique”, haha, quick fun-fact: after looking at its Wikipedia-article, it became clear that this place has changed its name more times than you can count!)


…and again, from afar:


Next morning, clear blue skies with the moon peeking out from behind Notre-Dame (might need to enlarge the image to see it)


We boarded an early train to Versailles to avoid spending hours waiting in line at the entrance. We then went on to spending hours in line at the entrance. Also, on a side note, good thing a whole bus load of tourists didn’t cut in front of us, even getting the guards to side with them. Good thing…yeah


Not much needs to be said about the garden(s) around/behind Versailles – sumptuous! …and large, over 800 hectares (8 kmÂČ), filled with sculptures, pathways, fountains and tourists: around 4 million each year come visit.


A hyperlapse-video of a walk around the “Mirror Pool” can be seen below. The video was captured on a phone which unfortunately resulted in it being very shaky – and kind of unwatchable… luckily, modern video software has excellent stabilization filters built-in. For your entertainment – to see just how shaky the video really is, I have left the video uncropped:




We lost track of time in the huge labyrinth-like garden, but still managed to sneak into Versailles right before close. This gave us a completely new view of the palace – suddenly the dense crowds were gone, and all we could see in the mercury mirrors were ourselves. What a stunning view both inside and outside (the palace, that is – well, us too lol)!



Later that day we went to the well-known restaurant, La Coupole, that has served traditional French food since 1927! A walk back in time…

As the sun went down, we strolled through the streets of Paris, enjoying a mild breeze and pleasant summer temperatures.

This one guy also stayed up this night:



Next day – woke up with sun burns 😩 Meh! That’s what you get for staying out all day…

We went to Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, a varied park with POIs like a large cave, kilometers of pathways, cherry trees and a temple on top of a cliff – surrounded by a lake. From the summit you can see all the way to SacrĂ©-CƓur:



But Paris has more to offer than just, “pfft Versailles” and its large, lush parks… it has the most interesting waterways leading right into the hearth of the city.

But first, a photo of this smiling guy standing in front of some mildly disturbing graffiti:


Canal Saint-Martin, ordered built by NapolĂ©on himself in 1802, is a fascinating sight with its locks that are still in use. I might even have a timelapse with a retro-twist to show later…



As promised – video!

And now, rain. Lots of it. I loved it, my two companions, not so much… haha


…I mean, I have seen her happier than this:


We ran home, then used the (warm) shower as a means of resuscitation…

That same evening, we went to an intimate concert at Sainte-Chapelle. This was a wonderful experience and something I’d highly recommend if you ever have the opportunity! Saint-Chapelle is in my opinion the prettiest Gothic-style chapel in Paris; simply a must-view:




More evidence of just how picturesque Paris is, ensues:



Marit et moi, vis-Ă -vis de Notre-Dame:



The picture above, (and below), is from a close-to 5 km long, partly elevated walkway known as Promenade plantée  or Coulée verte René-Dumont that was built on a railway that no longer were in use. It starts off at the Bastille.
A birds-eye view of the walkway can be seen here (link to The Guardian) – I even think the apartment building is the same one as above(!).


When in Paris, do stupid stuff in front of the Eiffel tower. This is the law.


I don’t even…


On a more serious note, let’s end this blog post with the most well-known landmark in the world, – and without me. Paris, we love you! …and we will most surely return.


Oh look, more Eiffel tower AND the French flag! Woah! Thought this blog post were finished already??


This just doesn’t end.


Oh well, it did. SO LONG, have a delightful summer!

FĂžrste bunke fra Paris

Sommerens fĂžrste utenlandsferie er over, og jeg kan rĂžpe at den var fantastisk! Her kommer sĂ„nn ca. halvparten av bildene fra turen, sĂ„nn ca. kronologisk fĂ„r vi hĂ„pe…
Som mange andre turer startet denne med to timer i lufta.


Og her er gata vi bodde i: “Rue des ecoles” – hotellet pĂ„ bilde er ikke vĂ„rt dessverre, da solnedgangen i den andre retningen ikke ÞÞÞhhh altsĂ„ sola gĂ„r kun ned ett sted liksom.


Hotellet var plassert midt mellom Notre Dame og PanthĂ©on – perfekt! Her er VĂ„r Frue nattestid:



…og litt “gateliv”:




Fyren pÄ bildet over hopper over et selvbygd hopp pÄ rulleskÞyter til glede for turistene. Tatt pÄ 12800 ISO og er stÞyete forbi all fornuft(??).

Og PanthĂ©on – fremdeles nattestid!





Neste dag bestemmer vi oss for Ä klatre opp i EiffeltÄrnet ved bruk av heis, mens andre liker best Ä rappelere ned:


Franskmenn er som kjent svĂŠrt gode i engelsk, og sier at alle som skal kjĂžpe billett til tĂ„rnet mĂ„ vĂŠre “tilstede” som i engelske “to be present”, meeeen sĂ„ gĂ„r noe galt..

IMG_8961 copy

Utsikten er fantastisk!




En emo-statue finner vi ogsÄ i lÞpet av dagen:


SĂ„ kom det regn.. Massevis av regn 😀 …og innbyggerne prĂžver pĂ„ godt og dĂ„rlig vis Ă„ beskytte seg mot de farlige drĂ„pene, med unntak av et par Ăžldrikkende, gitarspillende/syngende karer..





Og sĂ„ et av mine favorittbilder fra turen som jeg faktisk dĂžpte “Paris under the Rain” pĂ„ Flickr^^

Paris under the Rain [Explore #412]

Neste morgen drar vi til “La DĂ©fense”, et litt annerledes sted i Paris, med helt annen arkitektur av typen “moderne”.



IMG_9249 copy


Noen synes det er spennende Ă„ mate smĂ„ fugler, andre… se pĂ„ andre som synes det er spennende Ă„ mate smĂ„ fugler. SmĂ„…




Sjekk ut mannen nederst til venstre som mister sandalen akkurat i det jeg tar bilde av ham 😛 Han skrek ut rett etterpĂ„^^





SĂ„ drar vi videre til SacrĂ©-CƓur, og tar 300 trappetrinnsveien opp i kuppelen for panoramautsikt 🙂 Verdt slitet selvsagt!

IMG_9327 copy



Videre tar vi en spasertur og litt mat i Montmartre, det kjente omrÄdet Sacré-CÊur ligger midt oppi. Her er noen lystige vindrikkende trekkspillfolk.

IMG_9422 copy

Men vi er ikke utslitt ennĂ„… sĂ„ vi besĂžker Luxembourgparken i solnedgang. PĂ„ vei dit mĂžter vi denne karen:



SĂ„ middag, og is – alt sammen med utsikt til denne:

IMG_9558 copy

IMG_9556 copy

Tilbake pÄ hotellet skiftet himmelen farge til dyp blÄ fÞr den hostet, harket og spydde opp en ny dose regn, lyn & torden.


More to come…!