A Handful of Photos from Corsica

It has been an eventful year, most notably, becoming a father! ❤️

This blog post, however, features photos from Corsica, from a summer vacation back in August 2017.

Current, Δt: 5 years, 4 months, 27 days, 16 hours, 7 minutes, 40 seconds
Corsica #01
Corsica #02
Corsica #03

We flew down to Ajaccio via Nice with Air Corsica. I still remember having to supply my full credit card details in an email to pay for a change of flights. Oh GDPR, where were you?! 😂

But apart from that, I had no other complaints… or wait a minute… After having boarded the plane, we could see the ground vehicle coming towards us with all the bags stacked. Mine, a large blue backpack, fell off the first car and then all the subsequent cars drove over it. Nice, pun intended.

Ajaccio! Beautiful city (except for all the damn cars in the inner city)! It is maybe best known as the birthplace of Napoleon (1769). Idk. We stayed in the hotel situated in the middle of the following image:

Corsica #04
Corsica #05
Corsica #06
Corsica #07

The island, which is the 4. largest in the Mediterranean sea, has a rugged coastline, and mountainous interior (thanks ChatGBT!). Awesome! And photogenic! It also features many intriguing towns with narrow, twisty roads to explore.

Corsica #08
Corsica #09
Corsica #10
Corsica #11
Corsica #12
Corsica #13
Corsica #14

Baguette 😏

Corsica #15
Corsica #16
Corsica #17

After staying in Ajaccio for a few days, we left for Porto-Vecchio, which in Norwegian sounds like a spell to make something disappear! Anyway, Bonifacio, the city furthest south, is a spectacular attraction that we had to visit. The same idea had approx. 1 million other tourists that very day. Clever thinking.

Corsica #18
Corsica #19
Corsica #20
Corsica #21

It sure looks like something straight out of Game of Thrones! 🤩

Corsica #22
Corsica #23
Corsica #25

In Bonifacio, the famous “Escalier du Roy”, or the “Staircase of the King”, is a series of steep, narrow steps that lead up to the citadel. The stairs were built in the 14th century and were originally used as a defensive structure.

These two tourists passed the “go no further” sign and thought, “heeeeeya, let’s continue”…

Corsica #26
Corsica #27
Corsica #28
Corsica #29
Corsica #30
Corsica #31

On our way back to Ajaccio to catch our plane, we did some further sightseeing of the island and even found a secret river full of locals that had escaped tourist hell for a cold swim. We also got another shot of “epic mountains” 🤤

Corsica #32
Corsica #33
Corsica #34
Corsica #35
Corsica #36
Corsica #37
Corsica #38
Corsica #39
Corsica #40
Corsica #41

Cheerio 2017, and hey there 2023! 🎆

Me, just now

Autumn weekend in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 2016 #0003

As of writing this, I have honestly lost count of what day-of-week it is, what planet I’m on, and if it’s the Third or Fourth Age here on Middle Earth. It might be the Age of Corona, actually.

Amsterdam, 2016 #0002

I’ve been to Amsterdam twice, but not at the time of shooting. Having the first time visit in late October panned out perfectly; especially photography-wise.

Amsterdam, 2016 #0001

Amsterdam, 2016 #0004

I contemplated to give this blog post the title “Canals, butterflies and small, weird cars: A sightseer’s guide to Amsterdam”. Naaah. Just keep in mind; it will mostly be canals, butterflies and small weird cars. Seriously.

Amsterdam, 2016 #0005

Something (i.e. the Paris wheel) about this gives me the “Pripyat feeling”.

Aight. Ducks. All the ducks. Was not disappointed:

Amsterdam, 2016 #0006

Amsterdam, 2016 #0007

The color scales are… off the scales ( 🤦‍♂️ ):

Amsterdam, 2016 #0008

Amsterdam, 2016 #0009

Amsterdam, 2016 #0010

…and bicycles. Endless rows of bicycles.

Amsterdam, 2016 #0011

First car of the blog post: this one, freaking awesome!

Amsterdam, 2016 #0012

Amsterdam, 2016 #0013

The perfect symmetry!

Amsterdam, 2016 #0014

Amsterdam, 2016 #0015

Amsterdam, 2016 #0016

Second car of this blog post: shockingly hideous! If not for the ananas* this should have been banished and burnt years ago.
*…just stop it with the nonsensical “pineapple” already, we’ve had enough…and don’t get me started on “ghoti”…

Amsterdam, 2016 #0017

…now to something not shockingly hideous; butterflies!

Amsterdam, 2016 #0018

Amsterdam, 2016 #0019

Amsterdam, 2016 #0020

Amsterdam, 2016 #0021

Amsterdam, 2016 #0022

Amsterdam, 2016 #0023

Ahhh…. A trip to Hortus Botanicus can really be recommended! Just be aware that your camera will fog up 150 % for the first 10-15 minutes…

Amsterdam, 2016 #0024

I name thee “Autumn Gradient”, yey!

Amsterdam, 2016 #0025

Amsterdam, 2016 #0026

Who in the right minds would not love to live here?

Amsterdam, 2016 #0028

Third, and last car of this blog post: ugly as fuck, but not shockingly hideous. Also, red is kinda nice.

Amsterdam, 2016 #0029

Now… bring me out of quarantine and back here. NAOW!