A Handful of Photos from Corsica

It has been an eventful year, most notably, becoming a father! ❤️

This blog post, however, features photos from Corsica, from a summer vacation back in August 2017.

Current, Δt: 5 years, 4 months, 27 days, 16 hours, 7 minutes, 40 seconds
Corsica #01
Corsica #02
Corsica #03

We flew down to Ajaccio via Nice with Air Corsica. I still remember having to supply my full credit card details in an email to pay for a change of flights. Oh GDPR, where were you?! 😂

But apart from that, I had no other complaints… or wait a minute… After having boarded the plane, we could see the ground vehicle coming towards us with all the bags stacked. Mine, a large blue backpack, fell off the first car and then all the subsequent cars drove over it. Nice, pun intended.

Ajaccio! Beautiful city (except for all the damn cars in the inner city)! It is maybe best known as the birthplace of Napoleon (1769). Idk. We stayed in the hotel situated in the middle of the following image:

Corsica #04
Corsica #05
Corsica #06
Corsica #07

The island, which is the 4. largest in the Mediterranean sea, has a rugged coastline, and mountainous interior (thanks ChatGBT!). Awesome! And photogenic! It also features many intriguing towns with narrow, twisty roads to explore.

Corsica #08
Corsica #09
Corsica #10
Corsica #11
Corsica #12
Corsica #13
Corsica #14

Baguette 😏

Corsica #15
Corsica #16
Corsica #17

After staying in Ajaccio for a few days, we left for Porto-Vecchio, which in Norwegian sounds like a spell to make something disappear! Anyway, Bonifacio, the city furthest south, is a spectacular attraction that we had to visit. The same idea had approx. 1 million other tourists that very day. Clever thinking.

Corsica #18
Corsica #19
Corsica #20
Corsica #21

It sure looks like something straight out of Game of Thrones! 🤩

Corsica #22
Corsica #23
Corsica #25

In Bonifacio, the famous “Escalier du Roy”, or the “Staircase of the King”, is a series of steep, narrow steps that lead up to the citadel. The stairs were built in the 14th century and were originally used as a defensive structure.

These two tourists passed the “go no further” sign and thought, “heeeeeya, let’s continue”…

Corsica #26
Corsica #27
Corsica #28
Corsica #29
Corsica #30
Corsica #31

On our way back to Ajaccio to catch our plane, we did some further sightseeing of the island and even found a secret river full of locals that had escaped tourist hell for a cold swim. We also got another shot of “epic mountains” 🤤

Corsica #32
Corsica #33
Corsica #34
Corsica #35
Corsica #36
Corsica #37
Corsica #38
Corsica #39
Corsica #40
Corsica #41

Cheerio 2017, and hey there 2023! 🎆

Me, just now

Living like Cavemen in Leikanger

It is July 2016.

THM has reunited in Bergen on a Friday afternoon. Meyer is definitely ready to start the roadtrip to Leikanger… just after moving out of his current apartment. Which needed a full wash down. And the furniture given away on Finn. And all his stuff carried through the city center of Bergen.

Easy. Happy I arrived early.

…but I am getting ahead of myself here. You don’t visit Bergen without climbing up Fløyen.

Sogndal // Hukes hytte! #01
Sogndal // Hukes hytte! #02

And finally, we hit the road! First pitstop: gorgeous clouds.

Sogndal // Hukes hytte! #03
Sogndal // Hukes hytte! #04
Sogndal // Hukes hytte! #05
Sogndal // Hukes hytte! #06

Huke’s legendary cabin can be found not far from Leikanger. It sits on top of a firm foundation made of rocks. This ensures airflow, making the cabin cold – and the oven with its broken tube ensures the smoke stays inside, suffocating any living soul. Absolutely perfect! (I am not just mad because I awkwardly fell off a chair and hit my head badly.)

Sogndal // Hukes hytte! #07

What a gloooooorious sight to behold! 🙌

I figured a heading was needed.

Meyer had brought his drone for the occasion, and we used it mostly to spy on some sheep in the far distance. Very useful. As night settled in, a fog rolled up the mountain side and tucked us all in for the night. Readers of this blog probably already know I am quite the fan of fog when it comes to photography. This time was no different. #foglove #fogweek #neverforget

Sogndal // Hukes hytte! #11

I simply love the overly saturated look you get from a soaking-wet environment. Full screen!

Sogndal // Hukes hytte! #12
Sogndal // Hukes hytte! #13
Sogndal // Hukes hytte! #14

That was it, my first throwback Thursday. Not that my regular posts are so very “up to date” really.

Made me think… eeehhh… how blissfully ignorant we all were back in the days.